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Foam Tapes of premium Industrial quality. Various grades and specifications for display and sign fabrication, badge trim mounting, DIY and so on.

Tapes with a foam carrier, foam tapes, can absorb vibration and avoid resonation between substrates.
It can act as a void fill or barrier to make an item gas-, liquid- or airtight.Also it can follow the contours of an uneven surface thus achieving full contact of the adhesive with the surface, adhesive wetout. Important specification of a foam tape is its density. Low density foams are cheaper, but have a tendency to tear under stress. Most will recognise the remains of split foam after a kitchen or towel hook has come off the wall. Low density foam tapes can be preferential when thickness, absorption, conformity and/or m²-cost have priority over internal strength. The automotive industry has set the benchmark for better quality tapes with high densities for reliably mounting, trims and badges on a vehicle’s body.

Our range of double coated PE and EVA foam tapes could hardly be more complete. Here we list some of the more popular items, please contact us should the required product not be included.

Iteam no carrier color Thickness

Remarks & Application
398E PE foam Black 1.00 1000 120 65 Economical grade of 390
398A 0.80 900 120 100 Thinner type of 390
390 0.95 900 120 100 Decoration panel, emblem,
Car accessory, Panel trim
391 White 1.60 900 120 65 Thicker type of 398E
398EW 1.00 1000 120 65 White color of 398E
390W 0.95 900 120 100 White color of 390
391W 1.60 900 120 65 White color of 391